Company with competence and competitiveness in the market of Construction and Public Works

Luís Frazão, S.A. was founded on 5 August 1986 under the name Rosado e Frazão, Lda., basing its headquarters in Lisbon and operating in the field of civil construction and public works.

Having established itself as a leading company in Portugal over the years, on 11 September 1996 it became a public limited company.

Luís Frazão, S.A. has its headquarters and offices in Lisbon with average permanent staff of 50. Its strategy is based on sustained growth supported by the experience acquired over many years in our business, which allows us to conform to budget and meet deadlines for executing contracts.

Luís Frazão, S.A. has built up its credibility with clients through its work quality guarantee, founded on its staff’s strong technical abilities and skill and competitiveness in the civil construction and public works market.


Published on 31/05/2023


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