Company Structure

Luís Frazão S.A. has an organisational structure based on the following departmental distribution. 

Production Department

Our highly expert and qualified technical team brings Luís Frazão, S.A. an excellent competitive scope and ensures a superb price/quality ratio for the finished product. 

Support facilities of the Department of Production

Como instalações de apoio à produção, Luís Frazão, S.A. a possui um estaleiro central com 4200m2 situado na Alta de Lisboa (Lumiar). O estaleiro central engloba os serviços de aprovisionamento e armazenamento de materiais bem como os serviços de gestão e manutenção do equipamento.


Sales Department

The Sales Department is scaled to respond appropriately to the demands of the market and designed to adapt to urgent and ongoing needs, introducing methods and balance to the competitive landscape.

With a constant flow of requests and a need to provide a rapid response, we offer an innovative approach which allows us to be in the market in the right place at the right time.


Finance Department

The Finance Department has the primary objective of fulfilling commitments on time and in full. Our work and our negotiating ability depend on our financial equilibrium.

Our partners (clients, financial institutions, suppliers and staff) prove that our presence in the market for more than 30 years is due to our rigour in delivering on our commitments.

HR Department

The HR Department runs its operation to a very high standard within the company, creating opportunities for professional development through ongoing training drives in order to ensure improvement of the professional performance of Luís Frazão, S.A. staff.


Published on 21/03/2019


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