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The "Urbanization Works Contract to serve the allotment of the area delimited by Avenue  Berlin, Street Centieira, Avenue Pádua and Epal, in Lisbon", awarded for the total amount of 5.845.8714,00 €, is being carried out in Consortium for the expected period of 24 months. 

This one has as object the Urbanization Works necessary to carry out the Allotment operation of an area, in Lisbon:  bounded by Street Centieira, Avenue Veneza, EPAL and Avenue Pádua, which will include two streets in the north - south direction (one of which corresponds to Street Centieira, "displaced" to the west), connecting Avenue de Berlin to Avenue Pádua (and vice versa), which will constitute the fundamental axes for access to future buildings, three cross streets, reserved access to service and emergency vehicles and a roundabout on Avenue Pádua to articulate the various roads that converge there.


Published on 31/05/2023


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